How to Complete Air Duct Repair and Sealing at Home

Many homes, even older ones, have systems of AC and heating that rely on air ducts throughout the home to move cooled and heated air. These systems need regular maintenance and upkeep to be effective. When these air duct systems leak and are not working properly maintenance and repair are often needed. This YouTube video highlights how to conduct air duct repair and sealing in older homes.

To test and seal duct leaks, start by removing the grilles from all supply and return registers. Next, seal each duct register with foam rubber and tape to prevent air escape.

Video Source

At this point, you can pressurize the duct system using a blower fan. Use a computer to analyze how much air is leaking from the ducts. Then you can spray a liquid-rubber sealant throughout the ducts, which will reveal the leaks, holes, cracks, or seams. As a final step, you can do a second pressurized test to check the sealant and ensure the leaks and issues have been taken care of.

You can do these steps yourself, or work with local HVAC pros who can handle every step quickly and easily. Just call your local heating and cooling professionals and let them take care of all your air duct repair and sealing needs. It is not something worth putting off so make the call today!


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