What Are the Most Common AC Problems?

Every year when the season changes and the temperatures start to rise, people everywhere reach for the AC unit. Sometimes, those with foresight check those trusted cooling units early, while many others wait until they need to cool their home or office down. Fortunately, most of the time our AC units fire up and ah – that refreshingly cool AC air is working just fine. Sometimes, however, they don’t. As our attached video outlines, there are some problems that are fairly common when it comes to our AC units not working.

Video Source

Here is a look at a couple of the most common AC issues that require either AC repair or service.

According to our aforementioned video, and arguably the most common AC problem people face is an air conditioning unit that doesn’t blow cold air. In many cases, residents will hear and feel the fan blowing, but there is no cool air coming from the vents. Another common AC problem that is probably a close second to an AC that doesn’t blow cold air is an air conditioning unit that blows cold air, but it doesn’t cool the room to the temperature setting. The good news is, these and many other common AC problems can be easily fixed with AC repair services.

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